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Thu Dec 7 17:08:53 UTC 2006

On 12/7/06, Richard Crawford <rscrawford at> wrote:
> On Thursday 07 December 2006 08:47, Scott Mazur wrote:
> > The users may not need to know or care, but administrators are going to
> be
> > spending a significant amount of time 'undoing' the Kubuntu sudo changes
> > after every install. Seems that energy (from both sides) could be better
> > spent making the distro safer in other ways.
> At the risk of sounding like an ass: if the distro does not suit your
> purpose
> or meet your needs, switch to one that does, rather than continue to point
> out why Kubuntu does *not* meet your needs.  That's choice, and it's a
> perfectly good option.
> I myself prefer Kubuntu for both desktop and server installations, and
> have
> never found sudo a hindrance, nor do I miss su (I have root login disabled
> on
> my non-Kubuntu systems).  In fact, when administering my FC systems, I
> frequently miss sudo.

Indeed, I consider the default use of sudo one of the most interesting
traits of Ubuntu and derivatives, and since almost all other distros don't
use it, it's just very easy to choose another one that uses su by default,
instead of batteling with sudo.

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