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Sun Dec 3 21:40:48 GMT 2006

Hi Anthony,

On Sunday 03 December 2006 22:30, anthony baldwin wrote:
> I´m completely confused.
> I set my daughter up as a user on my machine, and there is no sound when
> she is logged in.

Make sure she is in the audio group. Add her to that group, log her in again 
and she should have sound. 

> Furthermore, and likely this deserves separate thread, I must be
> confused about how sudo works...
> When I logged in under my daughter´s username and tried to get into
> terminal to poke around and
> see if I could determine or repair this issue, my password does not
> allow me to sudo.
> But hers does...I don´t want her to have sudo access.  I though only I
> had sudo access, and that only
> my password would open sudo, and that I could do so from terminal
> regardless of what user is logged in.

Sudo always works with the users password. The sudo-configuration tells sudo 
which users may use sudo. The default edgy /etc/sudoers allows all users in 
the admin group to use sudo. Remove your daughters account from that group, 
log her in and she should not be able to use sudo any longer.

Best regards,

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