Kubuntu, first impressions.

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at optonline.net
Sun Dec 3 00:58:51 UTC 2006

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati wrote:

>Just finished installing Kubuntu 6.06; first impressions:
>Impression, Kubuntu has departed from Linux standards, for no visible reason:
>For instance, why mount partitions on /media/ instead of /mnt/ ?
Fedora, from which I just recently switched to Kubuntu does the same.
I think the logic is that ¨media¨ will make more sense to Joe User.
If I remember correctly, I think OSX does something similar, too.

>The root user has been done away with; in many cases (schools etc) you will 
>still need a special admin account; so what is the point of making this 
>different from root ?

Ideally, as I understand it, only the administrator will be have access to
a password for sudo, and/or, be able to set passwords and permissions 
for its
use by other users, being able to grant others access to all or only 
some sudo functions.
I still kind of struggle with this one myself.  Perhaps from habit, 
having a root account
makes sense to me.  Then again, I never logged in as root when I had 
that option, really,
but simply logged into my user account, and accessed su functions in the 
terminal, which
is hardly any different from doing sudo psswd root at terminal, anyway.
Others on this list can justify the sudo thing better than I can, I am sure.

>Impression, Kubuntu is for geeks; 
>As installed, the serial mouse did not work, and I had to vi xorg.conf to get 
>it working.
>As installed, the network cards were not configured; when I ran the config it 
>offered me eth0 and eth1, without telling me what card was on each, and I had 
>to try an IP adress on one, and go to a console to try to ping my firewall, 
>to know which was which.
>As installed, because there was no Internet working yet, all the listed 
>repositories in /etc/apt/source-list had been commented out; so I had to vi 
>source.list to get that working.
>How is the non-geek user, fresh from MS Windows, supposed to deal with things 
>like that ?
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