Move from K to U

James Paterson jamespaterson at
Wed Aug 2 02:37:15 BST 2006


>Just open up Adept or Synaptic and install the "ubuntu-desktop" package,
>then you can choose if you want to run KDE or Gnome when you login.
I have ubuntu 5.10 on my inspiron 6000 laptop.  I would like to do this
(install the kde desktop as well as gnome)

When I did this some time ago I lost my linmodem setup - but I had
little idea of what I was doing at the time and ended up reformating
and installing 5.10 again.

I would like to have ubuntu gnome and be able to run kde applications
I can run some currently (eg ksokoban) but not others.
I tried to install ksudoku but ran into problems.

I have thought of buying a dapper cd  but am loath to upgrade
while my desktop is out of commission - in case  I loose my
(laptop) internet access which happened before and was a pain.

Has anyone added kde to gnome on 5.10 or upgraded to dapper
on a dell laptop which has a linmodem.  If so did the modem
continue to work?


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