Kubuntu Dapper + K3b - destroying my dvd's

Morten Gerdsen morten at unschooling.dk
Sun Apr 30 21:45:37 UTC 2006


I recently installed Kubuntu Dapper Beta (fresh install), and k3b is acting 
kinda crazy.

(I should say that I am new to KDE having used only Gnome before. This is my 
first post on this list - sorry for any mistakes)

While burning disc images (tried iso and img) the fifo buffer fluctuates 
constantly and although k3b says the burning was a SUCCESS, the discs are 
mostly unreadable?!?!

oh yeah - and the Device Buffer stays at zero, displaying "no info"

In Breezy everything worked fine.

Tried compiling the new K3B from source - didn't help!
Tried running K3B as root - didn't help.
Tried different kinds of media - u guessed it - didn't work.

I could try another app, but I love K3B's features and look.

any help GREATLY appreciated - getting tired of destroying my discs, but I 
really wanna keep using KDE - I like it a lot.

thanks a lot

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