DMA Problems

Carl waldbie at
Sat Apr 29 16:53:39 BST 2006

On Saturday 29 April 2006 10:08 am, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:
> I'm running Breezy. I'm new to linux having used this only for the last two
> months, before that I was a windows guru. From the settings I've tried I
> can only guess that for some reason the system isn't even parsing hdparm.
> If you'd be able to tell me what I have to do to get it to run or where I
> should even start looking for an answer I'd be much obliged!
> Gabe
It's best to boot into single user mode (i.e. recovery mode) when 
experimenting with hdparm.  You can edit /etc/hdparm.conf to make the 
settings effective at boot time.

# hdparm -Tt /dev/hdb

should show you what settings are currently in effect.

Carl W.

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