DMA Problems

Thilo Six T.Six at
Sat Apr 29 20:37:47 UTC 2006

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Gabriel Dragffy wrote the following on 27.04.2006 10:31:

> And make sure it contains the following:
> /dev/hdb {
> 	dma = on		   
> #	write_cache = on
> }

That´s like it worked here allways.

quote from /etc/hdparm.conf

## Any line that begins with a comment is ignored - add as many as you
## like.  Note that an in-line comment is not supported.  If a line
## consists of whitespace only (tabs, spaces, carriage return), it will be
## ignored, so you can space control fields as you like.  ANYTHING ELSE
## IS PARSED!!  This means that lines with stray characters or lines that
## use non # comment characters will be interpreted by the initscript.

try this one maybe:
- --------------------------------
/dev/hdb {
    dma = on

- --------------------------------

It not only missed "write_cache = on" line there are also some not
visible characters behind "dma = on" in your example.
Also try to put an empty line under that.
I have heard there sometimes problems with some editors, that do not
enter a correct newline symbol at the end of a line.

So maybe
> Regards,
> Gabe

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