Adventure #3 with a G4

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Thu Sep 15 05:21:50 CDT 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 05:15:38 -0400

> The CD eject button does not.
> As there does not seem to be a way to show unmounted CD
> drives on the desktop I
> wonder how I am going to open my CD drives?
> Had to open a CD drive with a screw driver - not a good
> thing.

Open a terminal and eject it from there:

  $ sudo eject /mnt/cdrom

Change the device mountpoint accordingly. A simple 'df' should show
where it's mounted.

You might need to work up a script and place an icon to it on the
desktop to make it work a little easier next time. Since sudo probably
wants a password (I don't know, I don't have any of the Ubuntu versions
installed right now), you'll either have to get it to open a terminal to
get the password, have it call gksu or something to get the root
password, or run visudo (as root, or 'sudo visudo') to change things so
the password isn't required for the user in question.

> Ubuntu did not 'see' my CD-R with the Runtime Revolution
> standalone in.
> Had to reboot into Mac OS X to eject the CD - not good.
> Moved the CD into the DVD/CD drive and booted back into UB
> 5.10:
> Ubuntu recognised my DVD/CD drive that came with the
> computer and mounted 
> the media within it.
> Ubuntu recognised my CD drive that I scavenged out of my
> old Beige desktop G3, but refused to
> mount the media within it.
> There seems to be no way to open the tray of either drive
> via software; and as the drives
> do not have external buttons (and as they are not the "suck
> and play" type that I
> have on my Mac-Mini) this is a huge drawback.

The drive you salvaged from the Beige G3 might be a problem. I don't
know that to be the case, but I know that I had an oddball in a machine
for awhile that gave me fits, and not just in linux.

I never installed UB/KUB on a Mac, but other things I had installed on
there  (YDL, Mandrake, another that I now forget)  were troublesome.

Thankfully, my son's Mac was giving him trouble (a problem on the mobo)
so I traded with him. I haven't turned it on in 6 or more months, since
once we traded it would lock up after a few hours.

There are still 2 working Macs in the house.

Microsoft is to operating systems and security as McDonalds is to
gourmet cooking.

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