Adventure #3 with a G4

Mathewson richmond at
Thu Sep 15 04:15:38 CDT 2005

So, here we go: attempting to install EDUBUNTU 5.10 preview
onto my second hard disk:

DEAD IN THE WATER: after initial reboot the computer goes
into a "yogic sleep" - very
profound, but not what is needed.

So, here we go: attempting to install UBUNTU 5.10 preview
onto my second hard disk:

(I have successfully performed a single-boot install of UB
5.10 onto my Mac-Mini, so
my hopes are somewhat higher here)

PHEW ! What a relief: at the first reboot the "Ubuntu
Configuration" screen comes up.

Just signing in at the login screen of the GUI. (having my
own private theories about
why the Admin access didn't work with the KUB install I
have set the root and the user
password to the same thing - Yeah, I know, security - who
cares, its in my bedroom!)

Wow,the Volume Control buttons on the Mac keyboard work
straight away.

Sound works - played a Music CD - no problem.

The CD eject button does not.

As there does not seem to be a way to show unmounted CD
drives on the desktop I
wonder how I am going to open my CD drives?

Had to open a CD drive with a screw driver - not a good

Ubuntu did not 'see' my CD-R with the Runtime Revolution
standalone in.

Had to reboot into Mac OS X to eject the CD - not good.

Moved the CD into the DVD/CD drive and booted back into UB

Ubuntu recognised my DVD/CD drive that came with the
computer and mounted 
the media within it.
Ubuntu recognised my CD drive that I scavenged out of my
old Beige desktop G3, but refused to
mount the media within it.
There seems to be no way to open the tray of either drive
via software; and as the drives
do not have external buttons (and as they are not the "suck
and play" type that I
have on my Mac-Mini) this is a huge drawback.

UBUNTU would not run my Runtime Revolution Linux

Could not decompress the WINE tarball.

Could not play a DVD without having to download a codec.

On the whole I am impressed with UBUNTU - and on 386s there
seems to be little to
complain about. But, with the Macintosh version there seem
to be a few things to iron out.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson

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