Adventure #2 with a G4

Mathewson richmond at
Thu Sep 15 00:57:14 CDT 2005

Hi, Ian Baber: I am trying to build WINE under Kubuntu 5.10
PPC not to run MSWindows 
programs, but more to see whether it is possible to do a "
./configure, make depend, make "
in this type of install.

So I booted up my G4 into Kubuntu 5.10 preview this

Grumble #1: when I set the Keyboard to 'Macintosh' this
does not activate the Volume
Control keys (which did happen when I set the keyboard with
an Ubuntu 5.10 install on
my Mac-Mini.

Grumble #2: My Linux Standalone generated by Runtime
Revolution 2 did not work
(it does under LINSPIRE 5).

As my G4 is not connected to the Internet (and because the
Kubuntu 5.10 install refuses to 
allow me admin privileges!!!) I popped a CD containing a
tarball of WINE into the CD drive.

Grumble #3: Because the open/close CD drive button on my
keyboard is inactive under Kub 5.10
(and the Mirror Door G4 has no CD-open button) I have to
open my CD drives by right-clicking on
the Unmounted CD drive icons (which - think about this from
a greenhorn's point of view - 
I had to go and set as visible in the settings) and close
them by PUSHING them in - not good, 
as CD drives are a bit "shoogly".

WINE Tarball unpacked without trouble.

Will try a DRAG-N-DROP CD of the WINE folder to the

make depend

Grumble #4 "no acceptable C compilier in #path" - no WINE
(or certainly not this way.

I'm chucking out KUBUNTU 5.10 PPC and my next installment
will be all about
my 'TRY' with EDUBUNTU 5.10 PPC!

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson

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