12" ibook g4 suspend to disk and wif

Ian Baber ian at eugeneweb.com
Wed Sep 14 23:54:00 CDT 2005

I just installed the breezy preview on my ibook g4 with kubuntu-desktop and it 
seems to be great.  Has anyone gotten suspend to disk working on an ibook g4 
under hoary or breezy?  The information I've been able to find for suspend to 
disk have to do with grub and I'm using yaboot.  I was rather disappointed 
when I found out os X doesn't support this, but it would be great if ubuntu 

Also, the airport extreme doesn't work.  Is there such a thing a third party 
wireless card that can replace the airport under the keyboard and work with 
linux?  I'd rather not use a usb dongle if I don't have to.

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