KMail, SMTP timeout

Guillermo Nájar-Arreola guillermo at
Sun Sep 4 22:25:28 UTC 2005

Thank you James!,

In KControl I modified the "Server Response Time" to 2,600 senconds, but the
problem remains.
 Using CorssOver, I tryed MS Outlook, and the message was: 451 Timeout
 Using Evolution, I get: "DATA command failed: broken pipe: mail not sent".
 On WinXP using Outlook, I don't have this problem.

What do you think it is?? I think it should be something related to a
setting in Kubuntu/Linux... since this problem shows for any mail client I


James Gray wrote:

> On Sunday 04 September 2005 05:06, Guillermo Nájar-Arreola wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  How do I prevent KMail from timing out when sending SMTP email? it
>>  happens
>> me frequently when sending attachments. Is there a setting to adjust it
>> in KMail/Kontact ?
> Yes you can change the time-out but not directly in Kmail etc.
> Open kcontrol (Control Center), go to the "Internet and Network" branch
> and
> select "Connection Preferences".  Move the slider for "Server Response" to
> something that better suits your needs.  Mine is set at 1200 seconds
> because sometimes I send very large files over VERY slow links....ugh.
> This change will affect all programs that honour KDE's global settings
> (like
> Kmail).  Other programs might define their own time-outs etc.
> HTH,
> James

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