KMail, SMTP timeout

James Gray james at
Sun Sep 4 08:17:24 UTC 2005

On Sunday 04 September 2005 05:06, Guillermo Nájar-Arreola wrote:
> Hi,
>  How do I prevent KMail from timing out when sending SMTP email? it happens
> me frequently when sending attachments. Is there a setting to adjust it in
> KMail/Kontact ?

Yes you can change the time-out but not directly in Kmail etc.

Open kcontrol (Control Center), go to the "Internet and Network" branch and 
select "Connection Preferences".  Move the slider for "Server Response" to 
something that better suits your needs.  Mine is set at 1200 seconds because 
sometimes I send very large files over VERY slow links....ugh.

This change will affect all programs that honour KDE's global settings (like 
Kmail).  Other programs might define their own time-outs etc.


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