KDE 3.4.2 for AMD64?

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Sat Sep 3 12:26:48 UTC 2005

Alle 01:32, sabato 3 settembre 2005, James Gray ha scritto:
> Hi All,
> I don't want to sound like an ungrateful bastard, but when the hell can we
> expect AMD64 packages for KDE 3.4.2 on Hoary??  One of the big carrots
> dangled was that Kubuntu will support AMD64....<ok>...so where's the
> packages?  KDE 3.4.0 is a bit buggy  and I've noticed most of these
> irritations are gone on 3.4.2 which is running on my i386 lappy over there

Hi, I compiled kde 3.4.2 on amd64. everything but kdesdk package was 
fine...sorry... (I posted the problem in kubuntu-devel list but so far no one 
replied). I don't have a public repository, but if you trust me and want to 
try my packages, contact me. I've got koffice 1.4.1 packages too.

I think that if we want to resolve this problem, we'll have to buy a amd64 pc 
for jonathan or other kubuntu people :-P. 

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