Frank Arnold franka at
Sat Oct 15 17:48:47 CDT 2005

A friend of mine teaaches Linux to a company that is transitioning from 
Windows. She uses a Book called "Point and Click Linux" which comes with
a copy of Mepis Linux, almost as good as Kubuntu, and a DVD of instructions.
It would be nice if someone would do the same for Kubuntu/Ubuntu.
Frank Arnold

On Thursday 06 October 2005 01:52, Derek Shields wrote:
> Gawd, Tony - if only! I've been looking for a Janet and John set of
> instructions since I started using Linux about three months ago.
> However, I haven't found any instructions that are even halfway
> comprehensible yet. It's a bit like Microsoft - the folk who write the
> programs seem unable to write for ordinary users and it's very
> frustrating.
> I'm getting to know what I'm doing gradually by reading articles in TUX
> and the odd note in this conference that makes sense. I bought a for
> Dummies book to see if that helps - but no. It's not as if I'm thick,
> I've got two degrees and have been a lecturer for years - not in
> computer science. When I can do Linux properly, I promise to write a
> series of step-by step guides, but I reckon it'll take me another year
> before I feel half way confident. Is there anyone out there who knows
> Linux and can 'teach' it? Best wishes, Derek
> On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 19:16 -0700, tony m wrote:
> > I am a NEW, and cant emphasize that enought NEW Kubuntu User. I have
> > been a Windows person my whole life, know Macs a bit but no clue on
> > Linux. I need articles that will literally walk me step by step on how
> > to install, config, and get aquainted with Linux. I have installed
> > Kubuntu 5.0.4 but can not even get pass the command line :( I
> > installed Server Edition/package.
> >
> > thank you
> >
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