Scott sclewin at
Sun Oct 16 07:39:01 CDT 2005

Frank Arnold wrote:
> A friend of mine teaaches Linux to a company that is transitioning from 
> Windows. She uses a Book called "Point and Click Linux" which comes with
> a copy of Mepis Linux, almost as good as Kubuntu, and a DVD of instructions.
> It would be nice if someone would do the same for Kubuntu/Ubuntu.
> Frank Arnold
    I started using Linux in May, so I myself am still a Newbie.  When I 
first started out, even before I installed my first distribution I went 
to and read through their courses.  They are really decent 
and tailored towards the newbie.  They seem a little outdated (it speaks 
mostly of command line stuff, which is still good to know) and based 
mostly on Debian, but KUbuntu is based on Debian anyway.

    After that I found out list like this are filled with amazing 
people.  Amazing both in their commitment to new users, their commitment 
to the open source community, and their commitment to helping others.  
You can ask any question and there is a good chance you will have your 
question answered.  There are several list you can go to.  At the moment 
I am a member of this list and the Canadian Ubuntu list.

    Lastly, the local Linux group was a great help to me.  They also 
have their own forum, even one meant for questions, and monthly 
meetings.  The people there talked me through what to do and one 
gentleman, who works for IBM, even spoke to me over IM for two hours 
making sure I knew everything about drive partitioning and proper 
installation of Linux.  Even if there is not a Linux group directly in 
your community there should be one close by that will consider your area 
a part of their domain and you should still get help online through 
their list and forums.

    I hope this helps.  Oh, one last thing.  You will probably bounce 
around different distributions until you find the right one for you.  I 
had three (Xandros, PCLinuxOS, Debian, in that order) before I found 
KUbuntu, which I love. is a great place to find 
info on distributions.  Ubuntu is #1 now (above Debian) and Kubuntu just 
shy of the top 10 :)

Your friend,

"No one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something"

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