Derek Shields derek at
Thu Oct 6 03:52:14 CDT 2005

Gawd, Tony - if only! I've been looking for a Janet and John set of
instructions since I started using Linux about three months ago.
However, I haven't found any instructions that are even halfway
comprehensible yet. It's a bit like Microsoft - the folk who write the
programs seem unable to write for ordinary users and it's very

I'm getting to know what I'm doing gradually by reading articles in TUX
and the odd note in this conference that makes sense. I bought a for
Dummies book to see if that helps - but no. It's not as if I'm thick,
I've got two degrees and have been a lecturer for years - not in
computer science. When I can do Linux properly, I promise to write a
series of step-by step guides, but I reckon it'll take me another year
before I feel half way confident. Is there anyone out there who knows
Linux and can 'teach' it? Best wishes, Derek 

On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 19:16 -0700, tony m wrote:
> I am a NEW, and cant emphasize that enought NEW Kubuntu User. I have
> been a Windows person my whole life, know Macs a bit but no clue on
> Linux. I need articles that will literally walk me step by step on how
> to install, config, and get aquainted with Linux. I have installed
> Kubuntu 5.0.4 but can not even get pass the command line :( I
> installed Server Edition/package.
> thank you
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