Derek Broughton news at
Sun Nov 6 12:08:06 CST 2005

Simon Rönnqvist wrote:

> But for Kubuntu and KDE in general a problem is that people get put of by
> it's M$ Windowish look. 

I'm sure some do.  otoh, I think we get many more converts _because_ the
Windowish look doesn't scare off Windows users.  It doesn't _have_ to look
like Windows, and a nice "look & feel" tutorial would be nice.

> When it comes to Ubuntu I dislike the window style and maybe the icons a
> little bit. I prefer using Clearlooks for the Window borders with the
> Human Controls, and just some other icons than the default GNOME ones
> maybe Human or Sandy.

Sounds like you've done a fair bit of experimenting with this.  How'd you
like to write up a nice how-to with screen shots? :-)

>> > The worst showstopper for Kubuntu right now seems to be the poorly
>> > working settings (in Breezy). (And maybe the fact that CD:s don't open
>> > in Konqueror.) 

I think the "showstopper" is that most upgraders don't realize they need to
use "breezy-updates".  Perhaps the "-updates" repository should be turned
on in the default sources.list.  iirc, it's commented out which isn't a
very good idea: pre-release, one would expect it to be empty, so no harm if
it's present; post-release, it's needed.

>> Automounting is fixed with the updates in breezy-updates.
>   Oh, thanks for the hint... I hadn't noticed the updates. ;-)

QED :-)


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