Simon Rönnqvist simon at
Sun Nov 6 06:39:01 CST 2005

On Sunday 06 November 2005 12:18, Josef K. wrote:
> Simon Rönnqvist wrote:
> > But for Kubuntu and KDE in general a problem is that people get put of by
> > it's M$ Windowish look. In fact I think that KDE is more innovative and
> I'm afraid the problem isn't m$ look but m$ stability!
> in hoary konqueror crash ofter (too often), in breezy it's much more stable
> but there're still apps too unstable (kaffeine crash when I close it
> _always_ and ofter adept kate amule etc. crash before startup (and without
> any worning!))

  Well... this probably holds true for Kubuntu...
But with KDE in general I think people are put off by the Windows-like looks. 
I was too, but just figured I could look beyond that and change the 
theme. ;-)

> > Personally I'm using a theme which I made out of the default theme:
> >
> > In the theme the default icons are used but colored green. I've found
> > that
> still looking for a good dark theme :(
> unfortunately some apps use default text color: if I set dark background
> with light text they become unusable ç_ç

  Yeah... I actually also figured that it's a bit hard to make KDE look 
completely different from the original blue and white... all seems kind of 
designed according to that.

  cheers, Simon

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