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Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Thu May 26 15:07:54 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 May 2005 23:11, Sara Vasquez wrote:
>> Hey
>> I love ubuntu, but I just got an educational copy of Maya 6.5 it sais
>> that I need REdHat or Suse. I would like to know if someone has mange to
>> get it working in ubuntu. I really like ubuntu and would like to keep it.
> However, the first time I installed an Oracle database it had major
> headaches because it was relying on redhat patched libraries, so you could
> have the same sort of problem.

To the OP:  FWIW, I think the library issue is bogus too.  That note Maya
has about non-Redhat distros refers to a glibc function (__cxa_atexit)
that's been part of glibc's API since 2.1.something.  Its first mentioned
in the ChangeLogs around 5 *years* ago, and last mentioned ~3 years ago, so
I suspect that warning of theirs has been obsolete for around 3 *years*. 
All mainstream Linux distros are using a glibc that's less than 3 years

Yes, I just happen to have the glibc sources unpacked on my system, and did
a quick grep on them - however I'm not a libc hacker, so keep in mind that
I could just be an idiot pretending to have a clue.  :)

As Derek said, they could be making certain assumptions that the system
library and/or kernel have specific RedHat patches in them, but they don't
mention anything like that.  My guess is similar to Derek's:  if you can
fool their installer into thinking its on an "approved" system it will more
than likely work.  Unfortunately, that "fooling" part could itself get
complicated.  :(

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