thinking about switching

Derek Broughton auspex at
Thu May 26 12:34:23 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 25 May 2005 23:11, Sara Vasquez wrote:
> Hey
> I love ubuntu, but I just got an educational copy of Maya 6.5 it sais
> that I need REdHat or Suse. I would like to know if someone has mange to
> get it working in ubuntu. I really like ubuntu and would like to keep it.

I wouldn't know about Maya, but I installed Oracle 10g a few weeks back, and 
it also only (supposedly) works in RedHat and a couple of other distros.  
Fooling the installer into thinking it was RedHat was a simple matter of 
creating the file /etc/redhat-release and putting one line in it:
 Red Hat Linux release 2.1 (drupal)

However, the first time I installed an Oracle database it had major headaches 
because it was relying on redhat patched libraries, so you could have the 
same sort of problem.

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