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Tue May 17 23:09:19 UTC 2005

Many thanks to Carl for clarifying things re runlevel 

And thank you Cliff for telling me about the command "clear" 

Not asking for help on the following, but a couple of suggestions for K / 

This evening I loaded Kubuntu (5.04) on just the laptop in its standard state 
(i.e. no Advanced Port replicator) so with the main hard drive, and a DVD in 
the laptop's MultiBay. Also an external USB floppy drive plugged in. 

All seems to go well, I don't see anything worrying in the messages flashing 
up the screen and I don't get the long delay after "Initialising system 

I see that I have mis-typed the PC's name, so perhaps I will reload Kubuntu 
and get this right - so I can play about first...

Try to open KUser, it won't - nothing appears
DVD drive and floppy drive mount OK and can be read from. 
I set a root password
Open KUser and I am invited to run as root
Enter my root password, but am told this is incorrect.
So enter the first user's password, and this works
Delete the first user
Add a couple of ordinary users
Close KUser
Alt + F2 and try for konsole: "KDEInit could not launch 'konsole'
ditto for konqueror
Use mouse on Kicker then Help. Get bouncing icon, after a time this stops, no 

(Coming from the Windows world... ) Perhaps a re-boot may help...
Do this, and the Log on box shows the name of the first user, who was 
supposedly deleted
First user's password doesn't get me anywhere
So I try one of the ordinary users, and progress, but am shown a warning that 
"Informational - arlsmessage...  ...Error while initialising the sound 
(Never had this message, or any sound problem, before)

OK I've broken it and I'm to blame, I take responsibility, I knew I was 
pushing my luck, I planned to reload it, I wanted to see if I could have a 
"standard" setup with root, and ordinary users
I am optimistic that the laptop will work (quite / ) well when I reload it.
And when I do I will set a root password but leave the first user alone.

But I mention all this in case it will assist the general development of 
K/Ubuntu, since it is aimed at a wide audience including the less experienced. 
(And please note that many of us who are new to Linux do read a lot of the stuff, 
but there is a lot of it to read and to some extent one needs to try things 
while studying)

Perhaps consideration should be given to:

1.  If deleting the first user will cause damage let alone kill the system 
perhaps KUser should warn us first 

2.  If KUser shows that a user has been deleted then as it is relevant re 
security, shouldn't that user have been well and truly deleted?
(The first user's name was there after the re-start)
3.  And, perhaps, a less ambiguous message in KUser than "run as root" though 
fair enough we are encouraged just to "sudo"

(Any unix purists scoffing at the concept of making Linux idiot-proof please 
remember this was in a KDE application a graphical environment for us 
inadequates who can't yet use a command line for everything)

Thanks again to all those who have done so much work to get to where we are

Edward FW
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