[kubuntu-users] where is KDE 3.4.1 for amd64????

Peter Shillan peter.shillan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 08:24:12 CDT 2005

Hi Jonathan,

> I'm afraid I don't have access to an amd64 machine to compile them on.

I do... but I've only ever built KDE from source once - a long time
ago - and I have never built Debian packages.  I assume there are
Debian source packages that I could use ... but if you give me a few
hints I could try it out and we might get someone else to test them

If I remember rightly, you're in Scotland aren't you?  I am too and my
AMD64 is a laptop.  I live near Dunblane and work in Glasgow... just
in case there's a call for a bit of meeting up and trying it!



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