kmplot doesn't start

Achim Bohnet ach at
Wed Apr 27 13:28:16 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 27 April 2005 14:32, Alessandro wrote:
> Hi all,
> when I try to lunch kmplot, either from the kmenu or from a shell, start
> with an error:
> Could not find KmPlot's part, then appear a little window on my
> desktop just with the logo and the application name but there aren't
> menus,toolbars, icons and so on.

kmplot pkg in kubuntu misses the files:


(they are included in the corresponding debian pkg)

> So I have try to find something in config.kcfg. There is a file:
> 'kmplot.kcfg' that seems to find out a configuration file: ' kmplotrc'
> but this file is not present in my filesystem.

.kcfg files are for the 'Settings...' dialogs.
> What I have to do?

Maybe the files are in another pkgs.  Sorry no time to search

Submit a bug report.

> Please help me.
> Thanks
> Alessandro
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