kdesu and sudo

Derek Broughton auspex at pointerstop.ca
Thu Apr 21 13:41:41 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 21:01, Hannes Hauswedell wrote:
> > And if your root account is compromised?  I can't conceive of a situation
> > where root is any more secure than a user account
> root is more secure than a user account because its not used as a user
> account! you will not run potentially harmful code from your root account,
> but from your user account you might. i want to be sure that when i run a
> script out of my user account that it CANNOT do anything harmful to my
> system.

That's crap, and you know it.  Give people access to a root account, and they 
inevitably use it when they shouldn't. When I run a script out of my user 
account, it cannot do anything harmful, either.  Unless I prefix it with 
"sudo" - and how, in effect, is that the slightest bit different than the old 
option of typing "su".
> > If this behaviour ever merges to Debian,
> i hope not and i believe it wont.
> > This method is more secure
> i dont think it is! and isnt opensource about options? i probably gotta
> hack it together myself, because you seem not to be to happy with providing
> the option....

You can _always_ install kdesu from Debian, and allow logins on the root 
account. You _have_ the choice. As for the "you seem not to be to happy with 
providing the option....", who the #$%^&* do you think I am?  I'm not going 
to go to the trouble of rewriting what I think is a good piece of software 
for somebody who doesn't have a clue about security.  Especially when I'm not 
a kubuntu developer in the first place.

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