kdesu and sudo

Hannes Hauswedell soul.rebel at web.de
Wed Apr 20 21:01:08 UTC 2005

> And if your root account is compromised?  I can't conceive of a situation
> where root is any more secure than a user account 
root is more secure than a user account because its not used as a user account! you will not run potentially harmful code from your root account, but from your user account you might. i want to be sure that when i run a script out of my user account that it CANNOT do anything harmful to my system. 

> If this behaviour ever merges to Debian,
i hope not and i believe it wont.

> This method is more secure
i dont think it is! and isnt opensource about options? i probably gotta hack it together myself, because you seem not to be to happy with providing the option....

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