Some of my Kubuntu-Hoary tweaks

Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at
Fri Apr 15 18:01:56 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton dedi ki:

> Certainly, since I started using Reiser I haven't, to my knowledge, lost
> anything, despite a hard drive failure and a now flaky motherboard,
> causing frequent (ie, ~twice daily) unscheduled reboots.

That's quite interesting. I guess I should give reiserfs a shot and torture
it a bit. :) I hope it doesn't suffer from being rather young (maturity &
change-rate), and it has equally complete set of supporting tools.

It's beyond my knowledge to make a precise and definitive pros/cons
analysis on ext3 vs reiserfs. If I were a Kubuntu dev with this knowledge,
then I would do a final, definitive analysis and exclusively use either
ext3 or reiser, with or without cron-syncing, for the best stability
possible. This would both save some CD space and provide a system whose FS
resilience can't be compromised by rather less informed user preferences
during installation.

I would have favored stability over performance, provided there's no huge
compromise between the two, in order to make Kubuntu more compatible with
the grand masses - aka "PC=TV" types. :)

Abdullah Ramazanoglu
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