Some of my Kubuntu-Hoary tweaks

Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at
Fri Apr 15 15:53:03 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton dedi ki:
> On Friday 15 April 2005 11:57, Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:

>> 10. Harden filesystem robustness:
>> Don't laugh, but I swear I've observed huge increase in filesystem
>> integrity with this, particularly in rather adverse conditions.
> ...
>> sudo echo "* * * * *  root  /bin/sync"
>> I'd much like someone more knowledgeable on kernel internals shed a
>> light on this one. Until then, I'll continue to do it the first thing
>> after any Linux installation.
> You must be missing something there - ">>/etc/crontab"?

Right, it should've been:
sudo echo "* * * * *  root  /bin/sync" >> /etc/crontab

> What file system are you using?   iirc when I did a fresh ubuntu warty
> (not kubuntu) install it didn't understand Reiser (at least I must have
> had _some_ good reason for making the partition ext3).  I imagine the 
> usefulness of this would be dependent on the FS.  You're definitely 
> defeating the purpose of lazy syncing.

I always use ext3[*] and I do cron-syncing in distro (Debian, Mandrake,
Kanotix, Kubuntu ...) for any system (servers as well as desktops except
live-distros) :)

I'm not sure what added benefit reiserfs would bring regarding FS
resilience against crashes, though. Theoretically, ext3 or reiserfs ought
to be equally resilient, and yes cron-syncing defeats (or more precisely,
it's superfluous) the purpose of already in-place kernel mechanisms. But
then again, it works and it has virtually no adverse effect on

[*] BTW I wonder why a single-CD distro like Kubuntu should include support
for any FS under the Sun. I can understand ext3, reiserfs, fat32, and
ntfs. But what good is it to have jfs, xfs, etc marginally used FS
supports on the space starvant CD? It's even concievable to let either
ext3 or reiser go (the one which has less user base). Then, root FS will
have to be either ext3 or reiser, depending on which FS is included in the
CD. If the user has already existing partitions with other FS (minority
case), then he can always post-install the support for it. However, this
is a far future issue for now, given there are even less relevant packages
on the CD for casual desktop usage, and given the Hoary CD is not even
filled up to 700M.

Abdullah Ramazanoglu
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