firefox crashes in user but ok in root

Abdullah Ramazanoglu ar018 at
Thu Apr 14 19:53:57 UTC 2005

hacker dedi ki:

> I'm having frequent crashes of firefox every time I go to anything
> with flash in it.

With libflash-mozplugin (using GPL swf lib) I had encountered the same in
Kubuntu RC. Now I don't use flash at all (I'm on amd64). I assumed it was
due to libflash. Any chance you're also using libflash-mozplugin? I hope
not, as it would mean a general -and temporary- glitch in Firefox, instead
of a not-so-temporary libflash shortcoming.

>It does not happen, however, if I'm in my root account.

Haven't tried this, yet.

Abdullah Ramazanoglu
aramazan ÄT myrealbox D0T cöm

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