Missing Program (cdrdao)

Frederik Dannemare frederik at dannemare.net
Thu Apr 14 12:24:59 UTC 2005

On Thursday 14 April 2005 07:49, Irena and Richard Jenkins wrote:
> Not a big thing really because you can apt-get install it quickly ...
> once you enable the universes...
> K3b will not work as packaged ... because it bleats about missing
> program called cdrdao.  This is true of both the X86 and ppc versions
> of 'hoary'. Change to su, change the repositories to include the
> universes, and then type 'apt-get install cdrdao'.  Very shortly you
> will a happy vegemite! (Pardon the Australianisms..)

I believe this issue has been dealt with recently. Try searching 

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