Wings3d error

Mark Kelly kubuntu at
Thu Apr 14 15:20:16 UTC 2005

Hi everyone

After installing Wings 3D modeller with "sudo apt-get install wings3d" I get 
the following error when I try to run it:

--------- pasted error ---------------------
Erlang (BEAM) emulator version [source] [hipe] [threads:0]

Eshell V5.4.2.1  (abort with ^G)
1> Driver Failed {error,
{open_error,"/usr/lib/erlang/lib/esdl-0.94.0615/priv/ cannot 
open shared object file: No such file or directory"}}

=ERROR REPORT==== 14-Apr-2005::16:16:00 ===
Error in process <0.31.0> with exit value: {badarg,[{erlang,port_control,
[esdl_port,21,<<4 bytes>>]},{sdl,init,1},{wings_init,init,0},

sh: line 0: exec: sdl_driver: not found

Fatal internal error - log written to /home/jude/wings_crash.dump
--------- pasted error ends -----------------

The referenced .dump file contains:

--------- /home/jude/wings_crash.dump -------
Dump written 2005-4-14_16-16
Window: "<Unknown Window Name>"
Crashed in:
--------- /home/jude/wings_crash.dump ends ------

Any advice on getting this to run? Does the install miss a dependency maybe? 
The dir "/usr/lib/erlang/lib/esdl-0.94.0615/priv/" exists but is empty.

Any help gratefully recieved.



PS This is my first post to the list - hello everyone!

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