CPU throttling problems

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.nl
Wed Apr 13 01:35:41 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 00:31, Eduardo Robles Elvira wrote:
> I'm having big headhaches with my laptop and (k)ubuntu. It happens
> that every once in a while, system heats and thus laptop fan start to
> spin. And that's when my system becomes _slow_.

I noticed that my notebook cpu throttles when it gets really hot, even 
without cpu scaling stuff in the kernel. May that be the case?

> Can anyone help me please ? My temporal solution is just disabling
> throttling in the kernel. Via lsmod I've seen that I have loaded a
> module called "acpi_cpufreq", so I thought that maybe if I disable it
> I could just stop all the whole problem.

Disabling throttling in the kernel wouldn't make a difference in my 
case, but I certainly _want_ my cpu to go slower before it fries itself 
to death.

> Can anyone show me a light, even if it's damn small ? I just need one
> ;-).

Not sure if it has something to do with it ... but hey, even small 
lights might help.

> Thanks for your time,
>              Edulix.


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