Copy'paste from Konqueror to OpenOffice doesn't go well with special locale chars (e.g. æ ø å )

Frode M. Døving frode at
Mon Apr 11 16:42:20 UTC 2005

I do not have this problem.

I use kubuntu 64bit, and 1.1.3.. pasted some stuff from into writer.. no problems.

- Frode

mandag 11 april 2005, 03:19, skrev Frederik Dannemare:
> Hi,
> My girlfriend is having trouble copy'pasting from Konqueror to
> OpenOffice. The Danish special characters "æ ø å" show up as weird
> characters upon pasting them into OpenOffice.
> When I come to think of it, it looks pretty much like when viewing an
> UTF-8 encoded file with a non-UTF-8 viewer.
> She can circumvent the problem by pasting into KWrite first and then do
> a copy'paste from KWrite to OpenOffice, but she is pretty unhappy with
> having to do that extra step all the time.
> I can reproduce the problem on my Kubuntu laptop as well. Not on my
> Sarge and Sid machines, though.
> Is anybody else having such problems?
> Best regards,
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