Kicker weirdness

Derek Broughton auspex at
Mon Apr 11 17:27:43 UTC 2005

On Sunday 10 April 2005 22:50, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> On Monday 11 April 2005 01:56, Jose Gomez-Dans wrote:

> > I updated my laptop to 5.04RELEASE, and have experienced some
> > interesting behaviour, not dissimilar to something that was
> > previously reported to the list. Essentially, I have 3 desktops, and
> > only one of them has a kicker bar. The others have nothing. I can
> > choose which desktop is blessed with kicker by relaunching it. In
> > .xsession-errors I get a complaint that Kicker is already running,
> > but somehow, the kicker bar appears in the desktop where it was
> > called from using Alt+F2.

If you're referring to my post, it's not only "not dissimilar", it's 
identical :-).  I accidentally ended up in Desktop #2 on the weekend, and 
voila!  a kicker panel.
> May not be what you're looking for since you'll have to redo your
> personal KDE customization etc, but I've had to do this more than
> one occasion after a dist-upgrade of Kubuntu to correct several issues:
> 1) log out of KDE - grab a console
> 2) move your current .kde out of the way (maybe also .kderc and .qt)

Very, very, ugly...  I've got 4 (or is it 5?) years of KDE customization in 
there.  Not an option...

> 3) sudo apt-get --yes --download-only --reinstall install
> kubuntu-default-settings 4) sudo dpkg --force-confmiss --install
> /var/cache/apt/archives/kubuntu-default-settings_<VERSION>_all.deb
> Depending on your situation, maybe only 3) + 4) will be needed,
> but if you want a clean start, do 'em all.

3 & 4 alone didn't do the job.
> Thanks to Chris Halls for pointing out the
> potential issue of a missing /etc/kderc.

There can't have been a missing /etc/kderc on _my_ system (it's dated over a 
week before the update that broke kicker), but do you mean on my system or in 
the package?

Do you have an idea what needs to be changed in my own files to get this 
kicker working, again?

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