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Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 23:08:46 UTC 2005

On Sat, 09 Apr 2005 20:10:57 +0000, "alain.muls at pandora.be"
<alain.muls at telenet.be> wrote:
> 1. I use kdevelop (developping qt3 based programs) and kile (for latex
> processing). For both I use extra packages that are not normally in the base
> packages (eg prosper for Latex and qwt for graphical programs). How does one
> install these extras on a debian based system?

Kile and Prosper ara availble in (k)ubuntu. Similarly, qwt is also
present. However, I haven't used them myself, so I'm at a loss of how
good or bad the packages are.
> 2. I use a portable at 3 different locations using SuSE's scpm (SuSE
> Configuration Profile Manager) allowing me to adjust the network/printer to
> the place I am working? All these places use different (no dhcp) IP
> addresses and, what makes it more difficult, is that the network card I use
> is different at all places (HOME->WiFI, Work1->normal eth0, work2->eth1
> throughout a USB port replicator). SuSE manages this (quite) well allowing
> me at boot to select the desired profile, but how can I mimick this in
> (k)ubuntu?

    You can do this in any Linux distribution using the interfaces
file (man 5 interfaces). Note that I didn't imply it to be simple!!!
In Kubuntu, KDE has a Network configuration tool, which looks quite
promising (but I haven't used it). There's also laptop-netconf. From
its description:
Description: network detection and configuration program for laptops
 laptop-netconf can automatically determine, from a set of
 preconfigured alternatives, the network to which your laptop is
 Once the network has been detected, you can run arbitrary scripts
 to configure the services on your laptop for correct local operation.
 This package requires some basic networking knowledge and scripting
 ability at present.  A sample configuration is enclosed.

Looks promising then!

> 4. what is the best CDripper to install and is there support for iPOD?

    Open Konqueror, and go to audiocd:/. There. For Ipod, can't you
just use Amarok?
> 5. I would want to have a partition encrypted for the "sensible"
> information, is this possible under (k)ubuntu?

Presumably, but this is standard Linux kernel stuff. But there's info
on the Wiki pages:

Hope that helps!

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