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alain.muls@pandora.be alain.muls at telenet.be
Sat Apr 9 20:10:57 UTC 2005


I am currently running the LiveCD op Ubuntu (and downloading the LiveCD for Kubuntu). I am impressed with the system running from a CD, and I have been reading quite a lot now about Ubunto and its Debian based Linux.

I am a SuSE user since version 5.4, current version is 9.2 and in a week or so SuSE 9.3 will be there. I wonder whether not to make the switch to (k)ubuntu, since it is working very well, but I have several questions: 

1. I use kdevelop (developping qt3 based programs) and kile (for latex processing). For both I use extra packages that are not normally in the base packages (eg prosper for Latex and qwt for graphical programs). How does one install these extras on a debian based system?

2. I use a portable at 3 different locations using SuSE's scpm (SuSE Configuration Profile Manager) allowing me to adjust the network/printer to the place I am working? All these places use different (no dhcp) IP addresses and, what makes it more difficult, is that the network card I use is different at all places (HOME->WiFI, Work1->normal eth0, work2->eth1 throughout a USB port replicator). SuSE manages this (quite) well allowing me at boot to select the desired profile, but how can I mimick this in (k)ubuntu?

3. I also use CISCO's vpnvlient at home to connect to work, how should I install this. Under SuSE I compile it and install it.

4. what is the best CDripper to install and is there support for iPOD?

5. I would want to have a partition encrypted for the "sensible" information, is this possible under (k)ubuntu?

Thanks for all help

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