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Mon Nov 9 14:11:14 UTC 2015


We are reporting what users report for our team, a little education 
would be enough, after all is a list of developers expect a help, 
because as we are responsible for Kubuntu Brazil, we are also 
responsible for giving one answers to users in Brazil .
I see that Kubuntu is not leading to serious problems and see that it is 
easier to play from one side to the other because users had already 
reported these problems to Canonical, but the same does not seem to 
listen to users, which is a shame coming from a Linux system, after all 
that we know is a community where all help and are helped.
Even so sorry to report bugs, it is easier to ignore them is not it?
If we do not support, we can not continue with the site because without 
support nothing survives.

Let's rethink the position to continue with the site Kubuntu Brazil, 
because we do not have to turn to both Canonical and bug reports are not 

Em 09-11-2015 11:33, Marcelo Magno T. Sales escreveu:
> I'll be surprised if you get any helpful answer for an email such as 
> that. To begin with, you didn't even mentioned what exactly do you 
> want. If you want help, this is the wrong list - write to ubuntu-users 
> or kubuntu-users instead (but be more specific about what problem 
> you're experiencing and what help you expect to get).
> If you're just reporting, there's no point in sending an email to this 
> list. Fill bug reports in the proper bug tracking system depending on 
> the software you're having problems with. Of course, you'll need to be 
> much more specific if you want some feedback, because you didn't 
> mention any useful info at all... You've got to give detailed info 
> about your problem, software versions, hardware details, what you did, 
> what happened, what did you expect to happen.
> []'s
> Marcelo

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