Plasma 5 / KDE 5 demos at UOS

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Mon Apr 20 21:27:00 UTC 2015

Hello all! I'm one of the track leads for the 'show and tell' track for 
UOS 15.05(1). UOS is coming up on Tuesday 05 May 2015 - Thursday May 
7th. I'm hoping I can encourage some volunteers to demo some of the new 
things happening the the land of KDE and Kubuntu in the form of demos. 
These would be UOS sessions and could be very short (5-10 mins), showing 
off new things. For instance, Plasma 5, newly ported applications, the 
notification changes, etc. This is a great way to show off some of the 
neat things being worked on inside the world of kubuntu and share with 
the rest of the community.

If you are interested, simply propose a session under the 'Show and Tell 
track'(2). Once it's proposed the session will be assigned a date and 
time. Myself or another track lead will follow-up with you before UOS to 
ensure you are ready and the date and time is suitable for you. It's as 
easy at that!

Either way should you need help proposing a session, please refer to the 
handy guide(3), or simply reply to this email and I'd be happy to help. 
I hope to see some neat KDE demos! Thanks everyone!



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