Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Apr 20 19:09:54 UTC 2015

On Monday, April 20, 2015 09:01:42 PM José Manuel Santamaría Lema wrote:
> Hi Scarlett,
> thank you very much for including my changes
> Scarlett Clark <sgclark at>
> > Many applications are not seeing this, it built fine. But I notice it is
> > a kf5 port, is this a case of
> > QT4 vs QT5 ? If so, how do I proceed.
> > Thanks,
> > Scarlett
> I think the problem here is that latest libkdegames (15.04.0) is ported to
> kf5, its -dev package name is libkf5kdegames-dev. The -dev package for
> kdelibs 4 based libkdegames is name libkdegames-dev and there is no 15.04.0
> version. That's why you have some games not built in dep-wait. Because some
> games are already ported to frameworks (for instance kblocks) while others
> are not (for instance kajongg.
> This is how I would proceed if I were you:
> 1. Package latest libkdegames based on kdelibs 4 (I think it would be the
> 14.12.3 version) and name the source package libkdegames4 in order to not
> conflict with the new kf5 based libkdegames.
> 2. Fix the libkdegames-dev version in the build depends of kde games not
> ported to frameworks.
> I hope it helps

This seems like the correct approach to me.

Scott K

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