UDS Qt 5 session

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Nov 20 14:47:45 UTC 2013

I was in on the Qt 5 session at UDS that's just finished.

Timo wants to update to Qt 5.2 in Trusty.

Timo et al are keep to keep patches to a minimum and get any needed upstream.

The plan is to follow upstream Qt and Debian in changing armhf to use
qreal as double instead of float which should make life simpler.

QtMultimedia uses GStreamer 0.10 upstream and there's a team in
Canonical who are porting it to 1.0.

There's a QPA plugin (Qt Platform Abstraction) for Mir in the works
called QtUbuntu.  It was announced yesterday that Ubuntu Desktop won't
be going to Mir this cycle, XOrg will have the same single dependency
on Mir it did in saucy.  Mir will be on phone and tablet offerings of Ubuntu.

So there's various different things needing upstreamed at some point
and no one entity is coordinating them all but Timo is spreading the
word about doing this.

I think all this fits in nicely with Kubuntu needs for Trusty which is great.


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