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Ho Wan Chan smartboyhw at
Sat May 18 02:48:53 UTC 2013

Hello Kubuntu people,

I'm amazed that that troll (jdoles) actually got into #kubuntu-devel to
continue trolling.

His question actually seems reasonable, he has everything working except
that he can't connect to a PulseAudio instance. However, when he arrived at
#kubuntu he kept thinking that others' question was unhelpful and that he
started thinking that other people are trolling and should be muted, and
even went to think that Blue Systems (Kubuntu's sponsor) is dead. This is
seriously unacceptable attitude towards contributor help.

I left before he trolled into #kubuntu-devel (fortunately), but strangely
he was thinking that Kubuntu provides a special setup of Pulseaudio
different from KDE and Ubuntu, and was doubting us developers.

Kubuntu developers are the top-of-the-bunch. Albeit, we sometimes are not
familiar with certain aspects (in this case, audio). Not even me as Ubuntu
Studio's Release Manager (I do video). If one doesn't get his support in
IRC, he could have asked in Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu/Kubuntu Forums and
elsewhere. One shouldn't think that developers are geniuses. I think we
need to make it very clear.

Best wishes,
Howard Chan (smartboyhw)
Kubuntu member
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