The future of Kubuntu

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Fri Jun 28 00:34:08 UTC 2013

Unfortunately I agree.
I'm nothing but an end user that has used dev version of kubuntu since
about 6 years.  There's been problems and I've reported and helped along a
few bugs.
I'm stoked about wayland, if it can bring all the things it promises to
I'm stoked about mir (xmir), if it can bring all the things it promises to
The most recent annoying bug is it seems the kubuntu devs have given up on
kubuntu before really giving it a chance, whatever happens down the road.
 I read the kubuntu devs fussing about Mir, I read Ubuntu devs reaching out
to try and help as much as they can, only to read more fussing about it.  I
don't know coding and I certainly don't know coding from the intricate
level of xserver.  I only know how to report bugs, and do very minor
trouble shooting.  I also know no other linux distro gives me everything I
want and need all in one package as well as kubuntu.  I've tried many of
the other distros and I just feel at home with kubuntu.

But right now as a very happy end user of kubuntu, I have begun to search
for something even remotely close to call home (which I am not finding btw)
just because of all the turmoil goings on at the dev level because of Mir
(or because of fear of Mir).  I wish I could code and I would be right in
there with both hands but alas I cannot.

I sincerely hope something gets worked out, kubuntu rocks and the kubuntu
devs rock for all the work they do and have done.

My 2 cents.

On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 7:47 PM, Ma Xiaojun <damage3025 at> wrote:

> Recent messages from Kubuntu devs have been increasingly annoying.
> They constantly complain about uncertainty caused by Mir. Well, it's
> reasonable. But the problem is that no single piece of concrete
> research is done or published. Have they measured performance degrade?
> Have they observed unexpected crash? Have they reported bugs /
> contacted Mir devs thereafter?
> They seem to believe in Wayland. That's absolutely fine. And then they
> repeat " And maintaining Wayland in the ubuntu archives will be
> fiddly, even if it is mostly a sync from Debian." whining. Well, Sir,
> if you have no confidence maintaining a handful of packages, why are
> you maintaining a distro spin?
> Given the current small manpower of Kubuntu and the staff's
> unhappiness with Canonical. I feel that declaring Kubuntu orphaned is
> a pretty good option. Most end users are uninformed, after all.
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