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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Jun 28 02:10:56 UTC 2013

Dale Trombley <buzzmandt at> wrote:

>Unfortunately I agree.
>I'm nothing but an end user that has used dev version of kubuntu since
>about 6 years.  There's been problems and I've reported and helped
>along a
>few bugs.
>I'm stoked about wayland, if it can bring all the things it promises to
>I'm stoked about mir (xmir), if it can bring all the things it promises
>The most recent annoying bug is it seems the kubuntu devs have given up
>kubuntu before really giving it a chance, whatever happens down the
>I read the kubuntu devs fussing about Mir, I read Ubuntu devs reaching
>to try and help as much as they can, only to read more fussing about
>it.  I
>don't know coding and I certainly don't know coding from the intricate
>level of xserver.  I only know how to report bugs, and do very minor
>trouble shooting.  I also know no other linux distro gives me
>everything I
>want and need all in one package as well as kubuntu.  I've tried many
>the other distros and I just feel at home with kubuntu.
>But right now as a very happy end user of kubuntu, I have begun to
>for something even remotely close to call home (which I am not finding
>just because of all the turmoil goings on at the dev level because of
>(or because of fear of Mir).  I wish I could code and I would be right
>there with both hands but alas I cannot.
>I sincerely hope something gets worked out, kubuntu rocks and the
>devs rock for all the work they do and have done.
>My 2 cents.
>On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 7:47 PM, Ma Xiaojun <damage3025 at>
>> Recent messages from Kubuntu devs have been increasingly annoying.
>> They constantly complain about uncertainty caused by Mir. Well, it's
>> reasonable. But the problem is that no single piece of concrete
>> research is done or published. Have they measured performance
>> Have they observed unexpected crash? Have they reported bugs /
>> contacted Mir devs thereafter?
>> They seem to believe in Wayland. That's absolutely fine. And then
>> repeat " And maintaining Wayland in the ubuntu archives will be
>> fiddly, even if it is mostly a sync from Debian." whining. Well, Sir,
>> if you have no confidence maintaining a handful of packages, why are
>> you maintaining a distro spin?
>> Given the current small manpower of Kubuntu and the staff's
>> unhappiness with Canonical. I feel that declaring Kubuntu orphaned is
>> a pretty good option. Most end users are uninformed, after all.
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It's premature.  Canonical starts lots of projects and many turn out to be stillborn.   It's also possible we're making a mountain out of a molehill and it'll be fine.  There's no way to know. 

Scott K

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