Ubiquity does not see Windows Installation and Brightness Problem on LiveCD

Volkan Gezer volkangezer at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 22:07:37 UTC 2013


Actually this conversation was made in kubuntu-users mailing list, but
since this problem did not happen for Ubuntu, I wanted to move it here. The
whole conversation can be found below my message, but I will try to
summarize it here.

I have Samsung NP300V5A with Windows 7 installed. I wanted to install
Kubuntu alongside Windows 7, but noticed that Ubiquity does not see my
Windows installation and would like to install itself into my all disk
(Please see screenshot here

The suggestion was disabling UEFI in BIOS, but this was already disabled. I
also created a partition for Kubuntu (approx. 20gb), but this also did not
solve the problem.

Today I tried the same thing with Ubuntu and ... It saw my Windows 7
installation and asked me if I would like to install it alongide...


My second problem is the Brightness setting. On liveCD of Kubuntu, the
brightness change with functional keys and slider in Power Management
widget was not working... Now I tried it with Ubuntu LiveCD and it was
working, too.

I would like to ask you if these bugs (or missing features) were exist
before and will it be solved in 13.04?

Thank you for reading and responses,

Best regards,

Volkan GEZER
volkangezer at gmail.com

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