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Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan ovidiu.b13 at
Fri Feb 1 15:47:58 UTC 2013

I agree. 

I made a script for myself that changes all the settings and installs and 
uninstalls some applications. Installs: Google Chorme, dropbox, firefox, 
pidgin, vlc, latest version of LibreOffice, JDK, and others. and Uninstall 
Kopete, or what ever non (fully) working IM client that Kubuntu version has, 
Dragon player, and maybe rekonq.

Maybe even install thunderbird and remove kontact. Just maybe. Right now I'm 
testing kontact for heavy use.

Most users that came to kubuntu because of me use this script or a modified 
version of it.

Should this really be necessary?

No one looks at or reads the instalation slides. A wellcome message like 
OpenSUSE shows after the installation and reboot would be perfect. There are 
some screenshots in this thread.

Also the ideea for a custom install sounds great. Everybody should be able to 
choose (if they want) what applications to have on their system. But also have 
a Standard install if they are lazy or just don't care.

> > ------------------------------
> I cannot really understand guys , how a different slider is gonna help
> people to better understand kubuntu ...., I mean I installed a lot of
> systems , but I never saw actually what 's in the slider ...., I usually
> run the live, run the installation and then while waiting , I just
> reduce to icon and start to play around to show what kubuntu is about
> (and I usually suggest to do the same when they do without me )....., so
> I don't really see the point to put more info on slider .
> What a new user should do, take note about what slider is saying !?! :O
> Now let's talk about current user experience. Once I installed and
> restart the system, I cannot see how to access my file, I cannot see any
> launcher for daily use software, and the only thing I can see on default
> desktop , is this horrible empty plasmoid which usually I remove with my
> first click.
> Oh no wait, there are activities as well...., activities !?! Really do
> you think the only useful thing we can provide for new user is an access
> to activity !?! Not even experienced user are using it ....., what kind
> of impression do you think a new user will get opening activities empty
> selector (using the only extra button in the panel) !?!
> Like I said on my first post, I think we should change our target users,
> and Kubuntu first experience , should be where you understand the real
> potential of KDE + Ubuntu. Right now it looks like "....welcome to your
> empty desktop, now you know how to build it around your needs.....",
> which is fine for us , but for new user ... !?!
> I mean , I start to surf the web , and I will get  surely some problem
> with Rekonq, playing music with Amarok often it crashes or in many case
> it doesn't works properly, they cannot find anything they need and they
> don't knows nothing on how to add stuff and so on ...... The most
> probable reaction will be ".... well I cannot understand how people can
> be happy with it ....., I'll be back on my old system, so at least I
> know how to do things ...."
> Anyway, reading this mailing list I'm not sure anymore that the
> intention of this community is to give the best first experience we can
> provide to new users....., so I don't know if I will suggest to install
> kubuntu to people who ask me how to start with linux, because there are
> many other distrò much more user friendly and KDE friendly I would say
> (just because they try to shows it's power).
> But one day maybe Kubuntu as well be for newbbie who knows .....
> Alex
Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan
Software Developer

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