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Tres Finocchiaro fatbuttlarry at
Fri Feb 1 15:40:55 UTC 2013

> I cannot really understand guys , how a different slider is gonna help
> people to better understand kubuntu ....,

> because there are many other distrò much more user friendly and KDE
> friendly I would say (just because they try to shows it's power).
> But one day maybe Kubuntu as well be for newbbie who knows .....


Your feedback is spot-on in many ways, however I'm not sure it helps.

It's much easier to propose change than to implement and support it.

If there are elements of Kubuntu that you would like to improve, please
improve on them, take screenshots, offer new configurations, study the
default configuration and make specific proposals and then leverage the
argument to improve.

Simply stating that the default behavior is undesirable can do more damage
to the community than actually help it.  The community needs more doers,
not critics, and the current maintainers we have are working for free with
little recognition or reward other than the rewards of being part of a
great community project.


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