Changes to libqapt mostly done, soliciting feedback and review.

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Wed Dec 18 17:06:56 UTC 2013

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Michael Stemle <themanchicken at>wrote:

> Hey all, I have mostly finished my changes to libqapt. Below is the
> changelog for this change as well as JonT's as-of-yet un-released changes
> upon which my changes are based.
> Please give me any feedback you may have. I'm going to continue to go
> through it with the KDE standards in mind, but if you have any tools which
> automatically validate code and you notice I'm failing, please link me to a
> document showing me how to run the validation myself so that I can make
> sure that I can get the problems resolved.
> Also, there are warnings along the lines of:
> /home/manchicken/Documents/Devel/kubuntu/libqapt/src/package.cpp: In
> member function ‘void QApt::Package::setPurge()’:
> /home/manchicken/Documents/Devel/kubuntu/libqapt/src/package.cpp:1270:24:
> warning: ‘void pkgProblemResolver::InstallProtect()’ is deprecated
> (declared at /usr/include/apt-pkg/algorithms.h:137)
> [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
>      Fix.InstallProtect();
>                         ^
> but I don't know libapt-pkg very well. If you know what the correct way to
> resolve these errors is, please shoot me a message.
> Much thanks.
> Here's the git branch:
> Changes:
> 2.1.1:
> ======
> - Features:
>   * Handles multiple sources.list-formatted files
>   * Supports arbitrary sources.list loading, parsing, and writing
>     (meaning you can load any source file directly, or use the default
> set.)
>   * Added the ability to query a list of all loaded sources.list files.
>   * You can now fetch only the files for a specific repository.
> - Bugfixes:
>   * There was a bug in the unreleased alpha where removing all entries from
>     any file could potentially result in overwriting the defaulatet
> /etc/apt/sources.list.
> 2.1: (as of 2.1 alpha, unreleased)
> ======
> - Features:
>   * Added a new SourcesList class for manipulating APT source list files.
>   * Added a new SourceEntry class for manipulating individual APT sources
> within source list
>     files.
>   * Added a "frontend capabilities" API which frontends use to advertise
> which forms of user
>     interaction they support during the commit process. (Config file
> conflict, untrusted packages
>     prompt, debconf, etc) This will prevent frontends that don't
> explicitly support these
>     interactions from hanging the commit process indefinitely.
>   * Add support for the new Synaptic marking file syntax (BKO: #314549)
> - Bugfixes:
>   * Stop leaking a file descriptor when reading APT pin files.
>   * Stop taking the address of a temporary variable in the package search
> function.
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Hi Michael,
I'm happy to see that you're being so thorough in the development of those
features libqapt (especially with the addition of unit tests, really
appreciated). I'm not the most adequate person to approve the patch, but as
a muon developer I'd really like to see these changes in.

By the way, why does it have a directory called "t"?

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