Changes to libqapt mostly done, soliciting feedback and review.

Michael Stemle themanchicken at
Sat Dec 14 19:41:19 UTC 2013

That's not cool at all! Once I'm done with 2.1.1 I'll work on that.

I mostly started work on this when I had some problems with stuff I was
doing for the debug installer, but it seems there's a lot of stuff to do
there still.

> Please give me any feedback you may have. I'm going to continue to go
> through it with the KDE standards in mind, but if you have any tools which
> automatically validate code and you notice I'm failing, please link me to
> document showing me how to run the validation myself so that I can make
> that I can get the problems resolved.

I realized that gdebi-installer cannot install deb files by clicking
if system locale is non-english.

It can download the files, but cannot execute dpkg,

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