How to report a bug.

Mitch Golden mgolden at
Mon May 21 16:12:04 UTC 2012

On Mon, 21 May 2012, Alessandro Menti wrote:

>> I have run across a major problem with libreoffice on kubuntu - you can't
>> use the Filter field to open a file of a specific type. Apparently the
>> Export dialog is also similarly messed up. I see that this bug has been
>> found and fixed in Fedora, but I am not seeing any activity in either KDE
>> itself or in kubuntu.
>> Can someone tell me the proper way to report this issue both for kubuntu
>> and KDE? I don't see it on
> Hi Mitch,
> LibreOffice is independent from KDE, that's why you don't see the package
> on
> The proper way to file a bug report is this:
> 1) file a report on LibreOffice's own bug tracking system at [1];
> 2) file a report on Launchpad, linking the upstream bug report using the
>    "Also affects distribution" link and pasting the URL to the upstream
>    report in the "URL" field.
> Hope this helps,

Thank you, it does.  From further discussion on the Fedora bugzilla, I see 
that the the fix has already been made on the libreoffice-kde package 
upstream, so what needs to be done is to backport the patch to the current 
kubuntu version.  I will therefore only need to do (2).

The issue is actually pretty serious: because of the bug, you can't use 
the filter dropdown on the Open dialog.  This means you can't open a 
tab-delimited file with extension .txt as a spreadsheet, because if you 
use the open dialog without using the Filter dropdown, it always opens as 
a text file.

   - Mitch Golden

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