Looking to contribute

Jayson Rowe jayson.rowe at gmail.com
Fri May 18 03:08:47 UTC 2012

Good Evening,
I've been lurking as a Kubuntu user since 5.04 first hit, and I'm
interested in getting involved and contributing back. Looking for any
areas where I may be able to help.

I'm a SysAdmin/NetAdmin by trade, also do some development (Python,
Ruby, and even .NET). I'm willing to learn packaging or anything else.
I've followed the packaging guide, and I think I have everything set
up, including pbuilder setup for Precise, Oneiric, Natty and Lucid.

I also try to lurk in IRC and help out when I have time (I'm jaysonr
on Freenode). Interested in any advice to get me started.

My Launchpad profile is here: https://launchpad.net/~jayson.rowe



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